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Every year hundreds of students and parents are duped into believing the bogus story about all the lost or unused scholarships.  It's simply a myth!  In fact, only about 1% of all the scholarships offered today are from private donors.  Nearly 20% of all scholarships are available from the colleges.  We'll show you what's available and where to find them.


We'll show you creative ways to pay for college.             

Cost Effective College will walk you through a simple step-by-step application process. We'll also highlight alternative funding sources and how to qualify for government & state grants and service cancelable loans. We'll explain the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and why some students qualify for scholarships and grants and other students qualify for only student loans. No phony promises. Just straight forward information that can save you thousands and help keep you out of debt. 


Act Now! The remedy is in your hands.  

Scholarship and grant applications for 2006/2007 school year are in the mail now. Once you've perused Cost Effective College and ordered the free Internet link we send you, you'll be armed with strategic ways to pay for your college degree.



We'll reveal the true cost of student loans.
Accepting one of those easy to get Stafford Loans can be your worst nightmare. Each year we learn that more students are defaulting on their loans. Yet, the average student who chooses to remain in college and earn a Master’s Degree is permitted to borrow up to $138,500 dollars without any credit qualifications or assets.  Many still believe the easiest way to finance their education is to borrow from the government. Once you learn the real cost of those so called "low-interest" loans, you'll say "No thanks."    FREE SHIPPING


Why Tuition Rates Continue to Rise:
"The question that most students and parents ask today is simply, 'Why?' Why did tuition suddenly soar in the 90’s and why does it continue to increase in 2006? Perhaps the main reason costs continue to rise is because of the changes made regarding the infamous Stafford Loan. The government opened the floodgates to more student loans in the early 1990’s. The colleges welcomed the news with open arms. With millions of additional aid dollars suddenly available, it only furthered tuition increases. Add to this, the government’s continued promotion of the Federal Stafford Loan as a low-cost entitlement and you have the formula for hyperinflationary costs.


P.S. It's your choice. You can either follow the rabbit tracks that lead to financial bondage, or you can spend less than 17 bucks right now for a copy of Cost Effective College and learn alternative ways to finance a college education and avoid the "student loan trap!  Plus we'll send you a free web link packed with updates in Real-time. That means every time you log onto the updates you'll get the latest information available, not yesterday's news. Just the free updates alone are worth the investment!

                                                                                  Gordon Wadsworth, President

                                                                  Financial Aid Information Services  


          “I encourage all parents and students to read Cost Effective                       College before making the decision to take out a student loan.”

                                    — Larry Burkett, Co-founder, Crown Financial Ministries  

"Cost Effective College will benefit young adults while in college and after graduation. I encourage every student to read this book before filling out a college application."

                                               —Andy Stanley, North Point Community Church, Atlanta


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